Maybe MLM Just Isn't For You...


A lot of leaders have been quitting mlm lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about tire-kickers that were never serious with a lottery mentality looking to get rick quick overnight.

No, I’m talking about bona-fide leaders that had built significant incomes in mlm.

WHY would someone walk away from that?

It has everything to do with network marketing, internet marketing and lifestyle freedom.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Around the 3 minute mark, you’ll see my good friend Nicole Cooper.  Nicole has been a successful network marketer and online marketer both online and offline.

But, she’s now a stay-at-home mom that walked away from mlm.

WARNING:  What she has to say might offend you.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’ve made money online before or still trying to make your first dollar.

Here is a step by step Game Plan anyone can follow:

1. Get started in Empower Network here. (for only $25)

2. Follow your 8 core commitments inside.

3. Get ALL-IN!

4. Get your ticket(s) to Austin Texas for our next EPIC event.

5. Watch the exclusive webinar (I will hook you up with) Dave Wood does on how to make $1,000 a day.

Above is the simplest $1,000 PER DAY formula there has ever been in the history of online marketing.

Now is the time you make a decision and…

Just Get In!!!

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How The Gurus Build A Wildly Successful Internet Network Marketing Business

internet network marketing businessThe Internet is easily becoming the best tool to attain network marketing success.  With its wide audience, unlimited tools and free marketing technology and applications, it should not be a surprise that nearly all successful marketers have an online presence.

Following marketing rules of making your own website, creating a social network of people and implementing attraction marketing by blogging, you aim to become successful in your Internet network marketing business.

And while your business gains momentum and gets hot on the Internet, you should know how to implement ways to avoid online marketing failure.

Internet Network Marketing Business — Create the right website

The first thing to do to avoid failure in your Internet network marketing business is to build the right website.  Actually, even before bringing your business online, you should already plan on the perfect website complete with engaging capture pages, informative articles and videos about your products or about network marketing.

Creating the right website would attract the right people that would be part of your massive down-line.

Don’t have a website that brands you?  Don’t even know what a capture page or sales funnel is? Then you must click here.

Please be sure to “like” and “thumbs up” this Internet Network Marketing Business video on Youtube.  Got a comment? Leave that too.

Internet Network Marketing Business — Make yourself always visible online through SEO

Having the right website is not enough.  I guess you already know that.  So make sure you are always visible to your target audience by incorporating search engine optimization techniques.  Your presence on the Internet is not evidence enough that you are actually there; you have to make them feel you and find you when they begin searching for keywords on search engines.

SEO is one of the most important skills you can have and if you can follow simple instructions you can be very successful at it.

Internet Network Marketing Business — Don’t Be The Lone Ranger

internet network marketingTo avoid failure in your Internet network marketing business, you should understand that the Internet constantly changes and updates itself every now and then as all kinds of technology do.  In this light, you have to also keep up with these online updates and developments.

This can be quite a challenge especially if you are new to this industry.  So what’s the more easy way to do it?  Follow the leader!

That’s right!  Surround yourself with mentors and leaders that have the results you want and stay on the leading edge of online marketing strategies and secrets.

The fastest way to success is to model someone that’s successful.  Far too many fail in their internet network marketing business because they want to play the lone ranger and re-invent the wheel.

How far and how much faster could you succeed with a coach?  Let us groom you on the art of marketing online and you’ll find success in your Internet Network Marketing business.

internet network marketing businessThank you for reading this article on building your internet network marketing business.

Yours in mastery,

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lead generation systemEvery online, affiliate or network marketer needs to follow an easy lead generation process to be able to succeed in their business.

Starting from the traditional calling and talking to prospects to using technology, especially the Internet, to generate as many qualified leads as possible.

Lead Generation Process – 3 Simple Steps

When you first started, you were probably asking what is lead generation.  But now you’re wondering how you can generate as many leads as you possibly can.  In the heart and mind of an online marketer, leads are his life, the most essential part of business success.

There are so many ways presented to you when it comes to targeted lead generation.  Some of these lead generation processes involve the traditional talking to your warm market.

While this process could to be effective, I would add three easier steps to the lead generation process.  Easier because they are done online, and would require lesser time and effort than the traditional techniques and it also eliminates all rejection.

Lead Generation Process 1 — Social Networking

If you’re going fishing, you go where the fish are biting, right?  The best way to expand your network is to go where groups of people gather.  And the right place is, of course, the Internet.

I’m talking about online lead generation…

Join social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and promote yourself among friends and followers.  Communicate with them through these sites and build a good online relationship.

Marketplaces and groups in Facebook and in other social networking sites are full of people who might be interested in your business.  Some are even grouped into interests and hobbies so it is easy to find your target audience.  There are network marketers who do business using only these social networking sites and they became successful in such strategy.

I think the secret lies on how you promote yourself and your products online.  Build a good relationship; focus on their needs and what interests them in your business and start from there in the lead generation process.

Far too many people start with pitching their business and their link.  This is a surefire way to fail and mark yourself as a desperate amateur. Would you join such a person?

In my private team training, we teach people how to market on Facebook the right way. You can have access to this SECRET FORMULA when you join my Inner Circle team here.

Lead Generation Process 2 — Website Building

Having a website is a requirement for marketing online.  Online marketing is effective and having a website to present yourself and your products is one way to generate leads. There are several specifications your website should incorporate for easy lead generation, including implementing SEO techniques and capture pages.

Not everyone who would visit your website is interested in what you are offering.  With a capture page, it would be easy to determine which ones are qualified because they would willingly input their email addresses.

Make sure the page could really capture the attention of those visiting your site.  You should also be able to provide informative and substantial articles and marketing tools so as to generate a satisfying number of prospective leads.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog or capture page.  You can use this exact platform for a blog, lead generator, capture page and sales funnel as your very own lead generation process.

Lead Generation Process 3 — Content Marketing

Content marketing means writing good articles on your website or blog.  Good articles would mean excellently written content that give substantial and useful information on topics related to your business, network marketing, MLM, prospecting or any other topics you would want to talk about to your target audience.

With these excellent content articles combined with SEO techniques, you would be able to drive traffic to your blog or website and would eventually generate a number of leads.

I have generated well over 5,000 targeted the online with this exact lead generation process.

With these three steps to easy lead generation process, together with the right attitude and good marketing skills, you could easily capture an endless number of leads. Remember that your online strategies should always be coupled with hard work and dedication.

Tools and systems lessen your workload, not eliminate it.

Learn the art of online marketing and you’re guaranteed success in your MLM or internet business.  Acquire the best lead generation process and done for you techniques right here.

lead generation processThank you for reading this article on the lead generation process.

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Easy 3 Step Lead Generation Process


Hot Network Marketing Lead Generation Tips

network marketing lead generationNetwork marketing lead generation is a process you should master if you want to actually make money in this industry.

While it is true that there are a lot of tools available, some do not know the truth about them and others do not know how to use them.

Uncover the truth about network marketing lead generation below.

The Truth About Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation requires tools, strategies, processes, a series of steps and a number of techniques to accomplish its purpose.  These tools and processes are designed and done by you to promote your business, recruit people and expand your network.

Network marketing lead generation tools prove to be effective for some; but a failure for others who do not fully understand the process.  Maybe sometimes, you would ask yourself why you fail in building a massive downline while another is doing well.

What is wrong then?  Let’s discover the truth about network marketing lead generation.

Network Marketing Lead Generation—Ask The Right Question

The network marketing lead generation process starts with a good introduction and ends with the perfect question.  More than being perfect, the question you should ask should also be the right question.  Asking the right questions to your prospects could lead them to answer positively, which is the main purpose of this process.

Some network marketers go straight to promoting their products, which is always a turn off to prospects.  These marketers blabber endlessly about the unique products, good opportunities, commission and whatnot.

The truth is your prospects are not really that interested in what you are going to say; they are more concerned on what they are going to ask and say to you.  So you have to listen to them.  Give them your open ears, not your unlimited chatter.

If you’re doing all the talking, you’re LOSING!

Listening is the key to asking the right question.  You should know how to listen to your leads, know their needs and desires and understand their situation.  Know what they like best about the business and the products and what they are interested in.

Most importantly, know their WHY!  Why do they need more money?  What will they do with it that they can’t afford to do now?

Want to really know how to close more? Click HERE for 3 hot recruiting tips.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Simple Systems

Using the right tools in network marketing lead generation is the secret of top earners.  In this age, it’s all about system s and automation if you want to LEVERAGE your business.

How do you leverage network marketing lead generation?  On the internet of course. There are billions of people on the internet at any given moment of the day seeking an opportunity to better their lives by working from home.

But you need the right lead generation tools.  Do you have an auto-responder?  A capture page?  A high-converting sales funnel?  Are you an expert copywriter?


Well, you don’t have to have any of those things when there are systems you can use that have it already done for you and pay you 100% commission, which further helps to build and market your primary business.

Network Marketing Lead Generation—Find Mentors, Be Educated

If you have knowledge, then you have power.  Such kind of power could be attained from different sources like webinars, conferences, books, the Internet and from experiences.  But the truth is you should also have someone who you can look up to, who you could follow and ask advice from, a mentor who is a top leader in this industry.

My team has private Facebook groups and training sites where we groom our team members to make money online for instance.

True leaders are happy and willing to coach you and share their knowledge about how to generate leads for mlm, how to build a massive downline and a lot more to those who are yet starting their journey or just haven’t made a dime yet.

Network marketing lead generation is a process that each network marketer should master to be effective in building a strong and massive network of people.

Most people who join network marketing are not really salespeople, but with the right systems, the right attitude and up-to-date education and information, you could promote, sell and bring people into your network quickly and effectively.

network marekting lead generationThank you for reading this article on Network Marketing Lead Generation.

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Empower Network Review From Someone That Quit

Read this Empower Network review so you could have a comprehensive view of what this community offers.  Empower Network has been gaining a lot of attention in less than year, so there must be something that you should know. Empower Network might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Empower Network Review

empower network reviewThere is something in Empower Network that makes people smile and get giddy.  It could be the powerful tools; the 100 percent commission; the fully-functional blogging system or, probably, the cool creators.

If you don’t know any of these, then you are missing much. This Empower Network review would present an easy-to-understand, simple, but comprehensive, explanation of what this system is all about.

Empower Network Review —The Company

Empower Network is not really something you can call a company; it is more like a community.  This community is masterminded by two famous names in the MLM industry, David Sharpe and David Wood.  Empower Network is built to help and impact anyone, old or new to MLM, through its digital products, training, education and inspirations.

It aims to give value to their members and create a change in their lives—both personally and financially.  It hasn’t been a year since it’s launching in 2011, but it has created such great waves in the network marketing community.

Empower Network has the goal of helping the “little guys” gain big money as much as those top leaders in the industry.

It’s important to point out in this Empower Network review that this is NOT an mlm, nor does it interfere with your mlm business, if you have one.

Empower was created to empower you with 100% commissions to build whatever it is you want to on the back-end.  It is an affiliate program.

Empower Network Review—The Products

Empower Network now has these powerful products that seem to ensure big easy money if followed properly.

First is the Empower Network Blogging System. This $25 per month package is complete with customizable WordPress blogging system, plus hosting, sales videos and those capture pages, which are essential for lead generation.

Now, why do I need to get this system if I already have my own WordPress MLM blog?

This blogging system is fully-functional, optimized and integrated to social network sites that are essential to drive traffic to your blog.  If traffic is heavy in your blog, then that would also mean lots of potential clients and lots of money.

Second, The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership.  For $100 per month, you can acquire an ongoing audio training on marketing, how to make more money, how to make your lives better and how to build a marketing automation system.

Empower does something special in this training which is address the foundation of success, your mindset.  But it’s not just personal development, it’s also training that you have never heard of before from top industry experts giving you the raw and uncut truth about this profession.

You could also avail of a 45 to 60 minute downloadable interview of a marketing legend three times a week.

Third, the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive.  This is where it gets really good.  In this 11-hour video series of vital marketing information filmed in Costa Rica is available for $500 (one time payment).  This is the exact training that live attendees paid $5,000 for.

Last, the $15,000 Per Month Income Formula, which costs $997 (one time payment) and offers marketing strategies in several modules.  Empower Network promises that you’ll never need anymore training in your life once you have gone through this Intensive program.

The name says it all. This is the training to get you to a minimum of $15K a month in your internet business.

Empower Network Review —The Compensation Plan

Empower Network gives you 100% commission on all referrals you brought into the community. Yes, 100 percent instantly deposited into your bank account. Where else can you have this revolutionary compensation plan? I don’t think you would be asking for more.

empower network review

Why I quit Empower Network…

So here’s the part if this Empower Network review you really want to see.  You may be saying if Empower is so great, why did you quit?  Well, quite honestly, I was a wussie.  You see in its infancy stages, Empower Network hit a lot of growing pains simply because they were exploding so fast.

There were problems with the blog platform.  Then the merchants they were using to pay commissions dropped them.  You see it was something new, innovative and growing so rapidly, that the banks didn’t understand it.  Empire paid out over $4 million dollars to average people, most of whom had never made a dime online before in a matter of 4 months.

The banks got scared and ran!

It’s important to note that the founders Dave & Dave, informed people of the truth every step along the way; never hiding behind attorneys or PR reps.

But I still quit anyway.  I like many others wrongly thought oh this isn’t gonna work, so let me get out now!

I and the naysayers were wrong.  Empower is still going strong.  They overcame every obstacle.  They built their own system for payment called E-wallet that ensures that 100% commissions keep rolling out to their members on time.

I’ve witnessed so many average marketers who’ve never had success before, now have tremendous success and even $1000 days using this platform.

All the blog glitches are gone as well!

So instead of continuing to be a wussie, I came back to Empower Network!

Empower Network Review: Authority Site That Google Loves

empower network reviewAnother consideration for me re-joining Empower Network has to do with it’s authority rank and the ease to hit Google’s 1st page.

If you are a blogger or SEO person, you know that Google has been shaking things up lately with Panda, Penguin and subsequent updates.

It’s left many of us scrambling to find solutions as our personal blogs have taken major hits and loss of traffic.

So I decide to test and see if Empower really had juice with Google and guess what it does. Within hours of posting to EN, my articles are indexed and ranking between page 1 and page 2 of Google.

If you don’t have a blog yet or your blog has been slapped by Google, Empower Network is the solution.

After reading this Empower Network review, don’t you think you belong to this community?  If you want to be part of Empower Network or of any network marketing system, it is best that you understand what it is, what it offers and what you can get from it.

There are a lot of programs out there; your real challenge is to find the perfect opportunity for you.  Do they really accomplish what they say they’ll do for your business?  If by this Empower Network review, you think it’s your solution, join here.

empower network reviewThanks for reading this Empower Network Review!

empower network review



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Empower Network Review

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